Easy Office Cleaning Tips for a Smart Office Setup

When you have an office, office cleaning must be your top priority. Well, having a clean office is great and is more than an aesthetic necessity! Office facilities contain various environments with multiple shifts and it adds up the cleaning challenges. This is where commercial cleaning steps in. Having a team of skilled office cleaners can ease all the cleaning difficulties and maintain a clean office. When it comes to maintaining office cleanliness, a smart office setup not only enhances efficiency but also makes cleaning a breeze. In today’s blog, we will explore some easy office cleaning tips to keep your workspace in top-notch condition.

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Declutter Your Workspace

The first step towards a clean office is decluttering. Remove unnecessary items from your desk and common areas. Invest in storage solutions like cabinets and organisers to keep things in order. A clutter-free workspace not only looks more appealing but also makes cleaning more efficient.

Choose Easy-to-Clean Furniture

Opt for furniture that is easy to clean and maintain. Smooth surfaces are less likely to accumulate dust and grime. Consider stain-resistant materials that require minimal effort to wipe down. This saves time during regular office cleaning and extends the life of your office furniture.

Implement a Regular Cleaning Schedule

Establishing a regular cleaning schedule is crucial for maintaining a tidy office. Assign specific tasks to professional cleaners to ensure that all areas are consistently addressed. Regular cleaning prevents the buildup of dirt and germs, creating a healthier work environment.

Utilize Smart Technology

Incorporate technology into your office setup to make cleaning more efficient. Invest in automated vacuum cleaners or robotic mops to tackle daily cleaning tasks. Smart sensors can monitor cleanliness levels and ask commercial cleaners when attention is required in specific areas.

Maintaining a clean office is a joint effort that reaps numerous benefits. A well-organised and tidy workspace enhances productivity, reduces stress, and contributes to a positive work atmosphere. By incorporating these easy office cleaning tips into your office setup, you enjoy a cleaner and more appealing, positive, and productive environment.

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What is Commercial Cleaning? Why Is It Needed for Businesses?

Businesses thrive in a fast-paced environment where first impressions matter more than any other. When we say impressions, it’s all about cleanliness and hygiene. Office cleanliness in commercial spaces plays a crucial role. But, maintaining a commercial space amidst the countless interactions and works can be challenging. This is where Commercial Cleaning steps in, providing essential cleaning services that keep offices and industrial spaces like yours pristine.In today’s blog, let’s delve into the ins and outs of commercial cleaning in Melbourne and why it’s a crucial investment for businesses in Melbourne.

What Does Commercial Cleaning Involve?

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Commercial cleaning is a cleaning service that helps keep businesses like yours a neat, safe, and clean environment for your workers, customers, and visitors. These services are tailored to the unique needs of businesses. It involves a wide range of cleaning tasks that go beyond what a standard janitorial service provides.

Office Cleaning Melbourne

Offices are the heart of any business. It’s where you and your employees spend most of your time. Hiring commercial cleaners in Melbourne ensures that workspaces are spotless, providing a conducive environment for employees and impressing clients.

Industrial Cleaning Services Melbourne

Industrial spaces often face unique challenges, such as heavy machinery and hazardous materials. With the expertise of industrial cleaning services, you can maintain a safe and clean working environment for all.

Tailored Cleaning Plans

Professional commercial cleaners in Melbourne create customised cleaning plans to meet the specific needs of each business. This includes regular cleaning schedules, deep cleaning tasks, and specialised services like carpet cleaning, window washing, and more.

Hygiene and Health

In the post-pandemic era, hygiene is paramount. Commercial cleaners prioritise disinfection and sanitisation to protect employees and customers from illness.

Why Choose Commercial Clean Melbourne for Commercial Cleaning?

At Commercial Clean Melbourne, we have years of experience in the commercial cleaning industry. Our skilled team understands the unique cleaning requirements of Melbourne businesses, ensuring the highest standards of cleanliness.

Commercial cleaning is not just about aesthetics; it’s about creating a safe and inviting environment for businesses in Melbourne. And, when it comes to the cleanliness and reputation of your business, remember that Commercial Clean Melbourne has got you covered.  For appointments or industrial cleaning in Melbourne, call us at 1300 963 650 today.

What Makes Your Office Stuffy And Smelly?

Have you ever felt stuffy and dusty as soon as you entered the office? If so, your office must be in a terrible mess. Well, you’re not alone; you can hire corporate cleaning services in Melbourne to help you out. No matter how much you keep your office clean, many offices suffer from a common issue – stuffiness and unpleasant odours. If your workspace feels stuffy and smells less than appealing, hire commercial cleaning services. In today’s blog, we’ll help you with the reasons behind this issue and recommend how professional commercial cleaning services can make a significant difference.

Commercial Cleaning

Common Culprits Behind a Stuffy and Smelly Office:

Poor Ventilation

When the ventilation is not sufficient, it can lead to stuffiness in offices. Stale air becomes trapped and causes discomfort and an overall stagnant atmosphere. It can contribute to the accumulation of odours, making the office space less pleasant.

Accumulation of Dust and Dirt

Dust and dirt particles tend to settle on carpets, furniture, and even in air ducts over time. This not only contributes to stuffiness but can also emit musty odours, creating an unpleasant ambiance.

Improper Cleaning Practices

Neglecting regular cleaning can lead to the buildup of grime, food crumbs, and spills. These not only attract pests but can also produce foul smells, making your office a less inviting place to work. This is why you must hire professional office cleaning services to do the job for you.

How Professional Commercial Cleaning Can Help?

Enhanced Air Quality

Professional corporate cleaning services can ensure that your office is thoroughly cleaned, including air ducts and filters. This improves ventilation, ensuring that fresh air circulates freely and eliminates stuffiness.

Thorough Dust and Dirt Removal

Expert commercial cleaners have the tools and knowledge to reach every nook and cranny, effectively removing dust and dirt. A cleaner environment leads to improved air quality and eliminates the sources of unpleasant odors.

Effective Odour Elimination

Commercial cleaning Melbourne services often use specialised products that not only clean but also neutralise odors at their source. This leaves your office smelling fresh and inviting.

Investing in professional cleaning services can effectively address these problems, ensuring a fresh and pleasant workspace. If you’re looking to hire corporate cleaning services in Melbourne, call Commercial Clean Melbourne at 1300 963 650 today.

Signs Your Office Needs a Corporate Cleaning Service

Every time you meet a new client, you take many steps to impress them.  For example, you dress your best in professional attire and carry branded gadgets to showoff a little. Likewise, your corporate office space also becomes part of making that first impression for good. It can make or break the brand reputation you have before your new and existing clients. That’s why relying on a corporate cleaning company for commercial cleaning needs makes sense. To remain healthy, happy and productive, watch out for the signs your office needs a corporate cleaning service.

Corporate Cleaning Service

It Affects Employee Experience

If your employees get sick regularly, it’s time that you need an office cleaning service. An unclean office can increase workplace hazards, spread flu, and negatively impact on your productivity goals. To ensure you give a healthy and clean atmosphere for your employees to work, get in touch with a corporate cleaning company like Commercial Clean Melbourne.  

Unpleasant Smell

If your workspace smells bad due to leftover foods or is dusty when you enter, it’s time to let the professionals take the cleaning job. Otherwise, it will impact your business to a great extent, so hire commercial cleaners immediately without a thought.

Inviting Clients To the Office

Your workspace is the face of your business. By all means, it must look clean, professional, and welcoming. However, if you find excuses not to bring the clients to your site or hesitate to invite people, it’s time you may need experienced Corporate Cleaning Service to take action. As professionals, they can inspect your property to devise a proper and workable cleaning plan to keep your space clean and fresh all the time.

When Business Peaks

Maybe it’s the season for your business or your business has picked up, it’s important to ease the stress by keeping the workplace clean, sweet-smelling, and comfortable for all to work in. You need to ensure that your facility is clean and safe for kids, parents, and staff.  With plenty of cleaning tasks and sanitization to maintain, it’s best to leave it to childcare cleaning service providers. 

Bottom Line

A well-organised and clean office space gives the audience that your take care of the details. Also, presenting a clean and professional front is crucial to thriving in a competitive marketplace. That’s when you need professional Corporate Cleaning Service to help you out. If you want corporate cleaners for your cleaning needs, hire corporate cleaners from Commercial Clean Melbourne. For appointments, call  1300 963 650 today.


Why Trust The Child Care Cleaning Professionals?

Maintaining a child care facility is an ongoing struggle. You need to ensure that your facility is clean and safe for kids, parents, and staff.  With plenty of cleaning tasks and sanitization to maintain, it’s best to leave it to childcare cleaning service providers. Cleaning a child care facility means more than cleaning. Only cleaning experts who are well-versed in child care cleaning know the importance of getting your facilities cleaned to perfection. In today’s blog, let’s tell you why it’s essential to get your child care facilities cleaned by cleaning experts.

Child Care Cleaning

Cleaning Checklist

When it comes to keeping your daycare facility free from germs and viruses, make sure to keep the cleaning consistent. As there will be plenty of cleaning checklists to tackle, hiring a child care cleaning expert can help. They will visit your property, understand your cleaning requirements, and prepare checklists that address your cleaning needs.

Frequency Of Cleaning

As an expert in this field, they will figure out which cleaning tasks that need to be regularly done, weekly, or monthly depending on the frequency of cleaning. This will ensure that your property is thoroughly maintained, safe, and welcoming.

Cleaning And Disinfection

Cleaning and disinfection are necessary to keep your daycare facility safe for the children. Every area of your facility, including classrooms, play areas, lunch areas, desks, chairs, tables, and toys will be cleaned with effective and mild cleaning detergents. Other additional areas that need high attention are shared keyboards, toys, faucet handles, toilet levers, toys, and nap mats are also cleaned and sanitised. Any surface touched by a child during the day must be cleaned, disinfected, and sanitised by the team.

Bottom Line The point of all this cleaning, disinfecting, and sanitization is to reduce bacteria and germs and prevent contamination. When you entrust your childcare cleaning needs to us, hire the cleaning experts from Commercial Clean Melbourne. For appointments, call 1300 963 650 today.

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Why Regular Factory Cleaning Is Crucial?

Have you ever thought about cleaning the warehouse? Well! If you haven’t done it for ages, it’s time to take action now. Warehouse cleaning or factory cleaning can seem like a nightmare due to the heavy cleaning work involved. However, cleaning companies like Commercial Clean Melbourne have got your back. They can help clean your warehouse or factory to the highest cleaning standards and ensure a clean and well-organised space. When it comes to a warehouse, it is a wide-open space that can easily accumulate a lot of debris, and dirt, and over time, it can create an unhealthy atmosphere for your staff members. In this case, daily factory cleaning should be a part of your operations.  Factory cleaning is removing dirt, debris, and contaminants so that your factory outlet is used more efficiently. If you are still thinking about hiring factory cleaning experts to clean your warehouse, here is what you need to know.

factory cleaning

Professionally clean Look

Warehouse cleaning involves a lot of cleaning work, advanced equipment, and the best cleaning supplies to keep them looking and smelling good. Most of the high-contact areas like the floors, countertops, walls, crevices, and storage slabs should be dusted, swept, and mopped to prevent dust from settling.

Prevent Your Goods

Whether you stock consumables, raw materials, or perishable goods, you must ensure that goods are well-protected. When you stock consumables like groceries or snacks, pests that roam around the facilities will sniff and enter the warehouse and might damage the goods. It will end up in decreased product quality. So, ensure to seal the areas, dust the goods and clean them every time you re-stock the goods.

Increased Efficiency

Whether you are a manufacturing outlet or heavy machinery factory, regular factory cleaning helps keep your machinery performing well and preserves your equipment life span.  This way, you keep up your production deadlines, make better profits and provide a safe environment for your staff.

Finally, hire only professional warehouse cleaners. They know what it takes to clean them efficiently and ensure your storage space is clean, safe, and welcoming for people to work. So, you can speed up the work, supply the best-quality goods, keep the area free from pollution, and work in a clean and tidy workspace.

Bottom Line

If you need factory cleaners to help you out, hire factory cleaning professionals from Commercial Clean Melbourne. For more information, call 1300 963 650 today.

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Keep Your Office Ready To Fight Against New COVID-19 Variants – Here’s How?

With the outbreak of the mutated variant of COVID-19 surge in China and there have been numerous cases where even hospitals run of beds and essentials to take care of the patients. Three years before, the original version of Corona Virus had spread from China to the rest of the world and taught us many things and especially two things: Personal hygiene and Cleanliness. Back then, house cleaning or commercial cleaning was considered just as a chore.

Whether it’s a home or a commercial facility, you must ensure the environment is clean and germ-free. Also, you must continue to follow stringent cleaning standards and safety protocols for a safer workplace. By reducing the risk of exposure to any infection or spread, your employees can work confidently and ensure good productivity.  In today’s blog let’s look at how to get your workplace safe with office cleaning and combat mutated COVID-19 variants.

Hire Commercial Cleaners

Even if the infection hasn’t arrived at the place you operate your office, ensure to call professional office cleaners from trusted cleaning companies to clean and sanitise your space. You can reduce the list of sick leaves that happens. You can be confident in knowing that your place is safe for everyone to come and work. For instance, if you are the property owner of a commercial building like an apartment or shared living space, or a facility that receives a lot of foot traffic, you need to hire strata cleaning team to do all the cleaning and sanitisation work to keep people safe.

Cleaning And Disinfection

Frequent cleaning and disinfecting of the hi-touch points and shared appliances, equipment, chairs, and desk reduce the risk of infection and prevents contamination. Commercial cleaners use highly advanced tools and specialised COVID-19 cleaning solutions and sanitisers to clean and disinfect the area, so you can be rest assured that your place is safe for everyone.

Hand Hygiene

Though it’s been told and telecasted countless times, it’s still a better way to lower the risk of contracting any mutated virus attacks. To protect yourself and prevent passing on to others, wash your hands with soap and water for 20 seconds and follow social distancing in crowded places. Admit it or not, hiring commercial cleaners from Commercial Clean Melbourne will make the cleanings the best and ensure your space is spic and span and most importantly safe. Want to schedule an appointment with our office cleaning team? Call us at 1300 963 650 today.

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Summer Is on The Way: Why Your Commercial Space Needs Cleaning?

Commercial Cleaners

As the change of seasons rapidly approaches, it’s time to change your wardrobe, fix your car, do a new hairstyle and upgrade your skincare creams. But, aside from all these, another step you need to take is to ensure that your commercial space is ready for the new season. You can hire reliable commercial cleaning service providers like Commercial Clean Melbourne to do the job for you. Summer is the perfect time for intensive cleaning.  In today’s blog, let’s discuss why your space needs cleaning in summer and how Commercial Clean Melbourne helps to achieve a sparkling clean office.

Exterior Building Maintenance

When it comes to our commercial cleaning checklist, our commercial cleaners not only spruce up the insides of your space. They will make sure to clean the windows, doors, and steps and clean and clear the outside areas. So, the exteriors look presentable and sparkling clean. Other than that, we recommend fixing the roofing, gutter and drains to ensure to business runs safely and avoid possible repairs.

Ensures A Safe Working Space

Summer means pest infestations, poor ventilation, and a high risk of summer allergens will peak. Our office cleaning experts clean the carpets, dust, and vacuum all the AC vents, ducts, ceiling fans, chairs and furnishings, HVAC systems, and curtains to ensure a healthy and safe working atmosphere.  So, you can stay feeling fresh and dust-free.

Improves Customer Satisfaction

Be it, clients or visitors, they appreciate well-organised and visibly clean spaces. To ensure your clients and visitors feel good about your business and to keep your employees feeling fresh, we devise a custom office cleaning plan that meets your cleaning needs.

When cleanliness becomes your priority, you can have a clean and safe working space and boost your employee productivity percentage.  When you work with us, we mitigate the risk of dirt and dust buildup and focus on high-traffic areas that need intensive cleaning. From the lounge area to the cabins, kitchen and bathrooms, and more, we ensure a thorough and deep clean to keep you healthy and ready for summer. If you want to hire a reliable commercial cleaning service provider in Melbourne, call Commercial Clean Melbourne on 1300 963 650 today.

3 Types Of Office Smells & How To Fix Them?

Unpleasant smell? Is your office throwing out the Yuck vibe? It’s time to check what’s behind it. The most obvious and embarrassing scenario in an office is the unpleasant smell. Just imagine if the customers or visitors or business partners visit the office often, it might signal a bad impression about your office’s cleanliness. So, make sure to keep your office clean and smell good. Generally, unpleasant odours may exude from decomposing food, dirty sinks, hidden built-up grime, or anything. You need to deal with unpleasant smells as soon as possible to keep the office atmosphere healthy and safe. Office cleaning is the best way to keep the office smell good is to clean it regularly. As airborne diseases are a thing now, hiring commercial cleaning services in Melbourne can help keep your office space spic and span & leave your office atmosphere smelling pleasant.

Food Smell

Whether it’s the food in the bin, leftovers, abandoned lunches, or a dirty sink with leftover crumbs; greasy and sticky foods permeate into the fabric creating long-lingering odours. Sometimes, the smell may emanate from fridges and ovens if it’s not cleaned properly. Make sure to clean the cafeteria, dining area, fridge, kitchen sinks, kitchen dust bin, and dishwashers clean.  Even the cleaning the sponge has to be washed clean and kept dry.

Dirty Carpets

Another strong reason for the unpleasant smell is your office carpets. They receive foot traffic constantly and are the ultimate sufferer of dirt and debris. If you don’t clean them regularly, the hidden grime may start to produce odours that are stuffy and unpleasant.  To keep your office carpets in shape, hire carpet cleaners to vacuum and clean them properly. It would be better if you could get eco-friendly carpet cleaners to perform the job for you.

Smelly Wash rooms

Bathroom odours are another embarrassment in commercial settings. Having a musty and foul smell can put down your office’s reputation. It’s not only unpleasant but also unhealthy. Whether it’s a drain blockage or mold growth or damp floors, be sure to keep the bathrooms clean and dry. Most importantly, keep your office bathrooms need to be cleaned twice.  When you hire professional office cleaners, they ensure you clean every nook & corner with the best cleaning supplies and ensure that it smells good. So, no need to put up with weird & unpleasant office smells anymore. Hire office cleaners from Commercial Clean Melbourne to keep your office clean and smelling good. For office cleaning requirements, call 1300 963 650 today.

Four Ways You Can Prevent The Spread Of Bacteria In Your Office

Do you know that your workplace is overflowing with bacteria? Do you know how they are being transferred across office? When employees move around the workplace, they transfer bacteria and germs from one place to another. Poor hygiene of the employees and insufficient office cleaning usually leads to bacterial growth. When bacterial contamination becomes excessive, it results in the rapid spread of infection. Here are a few tips on preventing the spread of bacterial infection in your workplace.   

Say ‘NO’ To Cross-Contamination With Commercial Cleaning Services

Ask Your Employees To Stay Home When Sick:

When any of your employees feel sick, insist them not to come to work and let them work from home. Taking rest at home can help the sick person to heal faster and prevent the spread of infections in the workplace.

Follow Workspace Etiquette:

Whether you are sick or not, make sure you are covering your mouth when you are coughing or sneezing. By using a tissue or your hands to cover up your mouth, you can end up spreading bacteria. Well, you need to wash your hands properly before touching any surface or person.

Avoid Touching Your Face:

Touching your nose, eyes or mouth is a sure-fire way of spreading dangerous bacteria. Just imagine you are touching your nose or eyes after touching the bacteria-prone surfaces. In this case, the likelihood of picking up bacteria and germs is very high.

Keep Your Office Premises Clean And Sanitised: 

Messy desk and unclean surfaces are a great place to live. Hiring commercial cleaners Melbourne to get your office premises cleaned is the best thing you can do to avoid the spread of bacterial infections.

Get In Touch With Commercial Clean Melbourne!

Commercial Clean Melbourne has a team of office cleaning experts who will come up with personalised cleaning strategies matching your commercial cleaning needs. We bring in our own eco-friendly cleaning supplies that not only keep your workspace clean but also leave no impact on the environment. To know more about our business cleaning services, call 1300 963 650 and talk to our commercial cleaners today.