Keep Your Office Ready To Fight Against New COVID-19 Variants – Here’s How?

With the outbreak of the mutated variant of COVID-19 surge in China and there have been numerous cases where even hospitals run of beds and essentials to take care of the patients. Three years before, the original version of Corona Virus had spread from China to the rest of the world and taught us many things and especially two things: Personal hygiene and Cleanliness. Back then, house cleaning or commercial cleaning was considered just as a chore.

Whether it’s a home or a commercial facility, you must ensure the environment is clean and germ-free. Also, you must continue to follow stringent cleaning standards and safety protocols for a safer workplace. By reducing the risk of exposure to any infection or spread, your employees can work confidently and ensure good productivity.  In today’s blog let’s look at how to get your workplace safe with office cleaning and combat mutated COVID-19 variants.

Hire Commercial Cleaners

Even if the infection hasn’t arrived at the place you operate your office, ensure to call professional office cleaners from trusted cleaning companies to clean and sanitise your space. You can reduce the list of sick leaves that happens. You can be confident in knowing that your place is safe for everyone to come and work. For instance, if you are the property owner of a commercial building like an apartment or shared living space, or a facility that receives a lot of foot traffic, you need to hire strata cleaning team to do all the cleaning and sanitisation work to keep people safe.

Cleaning And Disinfection

Frequent cleaning and disinfecting of the hi-touch points and shared appliances, equipment, chairs, and desk reduce the risk of infection and prevents contamination. Commercial cleaners use highly advanced tools and specialised COVID-19 cleaning solutions and sanitisers to clean and disinfect the area, so you can be rest assured that your place is safe for everyone.

Hand Hygiene

Though it’s been told and telecasted countless times, it’s still a better way to lower the risk of contracting any mutated virus attacks. To protect yourself and prevent passing on to others, wash your hands with soap and water for 20 seconds and follow social distancing in crowded places. Admit it or not, hiring commercial cleaners from Commercial Clean Melbourne will make the cleanings the best and ensure your space is spic and span and most importantly safe. Want to schedule an appointment with our office cleaning team? Call us at 1300 963 650 today.